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Dave's Internet Commerce Keiretsu

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In the market for software? Let me introduce you to my DICK

Collection of web apps: gather people for market research surveys, events, coupons, and sell prepaid tickets for finite resources. Working HARD to hook up to payment processors. Be patient

Gathering people for surveys also requires a Profile database account and the bulkemailer usb

DICK comprises of tools which together are proven businesses!! The initial training is rough; takes some guidance and breaking in

Beta Tester Offer

i will pay you 500 yen offer   [Apply]

I'll pay you 500 yen to beta test, the link network!
Click the offer coupon and reserve to become a beta tester.

After applying, u'll be contacted by email.
Backup Report -- Backup your web site and database

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Visitors feel more comfortable knowing that a site's contents are safe and the web business will not suddenly shut down due to an unforeseen technical issue or mere human negligence. When visitors can see for themselves that the site is regularly backed up they feel more comfortable. They have the peace of mind that the web business is well run. For this reason, Backup Report contents are public and easily accessible by visitors and site owners alike. To see a site's Backup Report, a link must be followed to the Backup Report site which brings up the referring site's Backup Report.

Nearly all site owners do not have a way to regularly backup their sites. We pour an overwhelming amount of time creating, operating, and marketing our web sites. That asset, the time and resources that has been poured into it, needs to be protected. If not for your companies sake then for your customers sake.

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