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Here smell my finger

Similar to smelling glue.

When someone says, "Hey smell this" most people say, "no". But when the person asking seems to be in a position of power like a teacher. Everyone can't wait to say "yes".
Ice tongs

Starts pretty low key. Dropping in a few ice cubes.

Every seemed to have survived placing ice cubes in their cups. Bought the heart covered ice bucket for a Valentines party. Been using it every since.
OK now drink it

Problem with pouring your own drinks

You have no one to blame except yourself. Bottoms up!
Jagermeister claims another victim

She's not blushing.

Another issue arising from learning bartending, you probably are gonna get wasted in the process.
Almost had enough

Almost had enough

Hard to tell what's going on here?? No one seems to be able to complain and this is Japan, so...
Young Crowd

Girls showing off what the boys are missing out on.

Chris Liu's college friends and Keiko Hayashi somehow still standing and able to pose after teaching bartending.
Porn Lens guy

Want attention, buy a camera with a big lens

When someone says, "Can i take photos i'll send you them by email". That's code for, "If you're not kicking me out, i'm going to annoy everyone with my expensive camera with oversized lens.
Japanese girls can do the bad ass pose too

Japanese girls can look bad ass too

Camara is posing with two Japanese girls that actually can turn off the cute thing for a few seconds and look badass for at least the time it takes to snap a photo.
Happy girl

Hit an acceptable intoxication level to be invited back!

Most girls don't take enough advantage of "all you can drink". So here is a rare example of letting loose and enjoying oneself in Tokyo! Go girl!
Do not pose with a drink in your hand

Do not pose with a drink in your hand

Notice the someone replacing the victor sign with a subtle sarcasm sign. And i don't know if you can do a victory sign with the same hand that is holding your drink. My guess is Cassis Orange.
How to prepare snacks

How to prepare snacks

The dips go in several bowls. Mix the type of snacks in each bowl. And remember to distribute the bowls around the room. Don't just leave it there on the table.
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Here smell this. Yep jagermeister is strong stuff.

Remember just a few ice cubes.

OK now you get to drink it.

Cute they're blushing.

Taking a break after the bartending lesson.

Keiko Hayashi incredibly still standing after teaching bartending.

Photographer trying to pick up on the ladies.

A welcome badass pose after a thousand look at me i'm so cute poses.

This is what it looks like to be enjoying oneself at a party

Showing off a what is most likely cassis orange cocktail.

Don't forget to distribute the bowls around the room. Opps too late.

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